NZSTI Conference June 2020

How to apply

You can apply online by following the link at the bottom of this page. 
NZSTI's privacy policy is available here.

You must currently live in New Zealand, be a New Zealand citizen or provide proof of significant ties to New Zealand in order to be eligible for NZSTI membership (such as proof you lived in NZ for 5 or more years and continue to have strong ties to the country).

As part of your application, you will be asked to provide your qualifications and other supporting documents. You can do this by emailing or posting certified digital copies of your qualifications in translating and/or interpreting, or providing eQuals or similar online verification to NZSTI. Please ensure your documents meet the following criteria:

  • State your translation and/or interpreting qualifications
  • Include academic transcripts showing courses and grades obtained
  • State the language(s) you were examined in
  • If your qualification documents are not in English, please provide certified translations

Each application is assessed separately by the NZSTI Membership Committee and, if accepted, you will be offered the highest membership level for which you qualify. In all but rare cases, NZSTI membership is awarded based on qualifications in translation and/or interpreting only. Visit our FAQs page for information on the types of experience that may support your application.

For information on the eligibility criteria for our different membership categories, see here.

Note that incomplete applications will not be assessed and will lapse after two months. For a complete application, you must complete the online application form and then send us the required documents (qualifications, transcripts, logbook, etc.), along with any other documents we request.

Joining fees 

If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice for your membership fees and joining fee. Your membership will be activated once your fees have been received in full. To check our fees, visit our Fees page.

You will not be invoiced if your application is not accepted.



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