NZSTI Conference June 2020

NZSTI Conference 2023

Christchurch, New Zealand

NZSTI Conference 2023

Christchurch, New Zealand


We are excited this year to finally hold an in-person conference again! This time it will be in Christchurch. Check our website regularly for updates and get ready to register for this great annual event!


Speakers and presentations

As we confirm our speakers, we will be adding their details on our Speakers page and listing their presentations here.


Thank you very much to our sponsors for making this event possible. If you wish to sponsor our conference, please email us at 


The story behind the logo

Language develops like ripples in the water. The moment we hear the first words in our native language is the stone that breaks the water's surface. This is where our journey starts. We take small steps, moving from basic babbling to more advanced communication. For some, reading a fantastic book can have such a ripple effect; for others it might be learning a new language. Everyone’s language journey is different, but we all have one thing in common: the stone that sets it in motion. 

- Vincent Bäumer-Wichtrup, logo designer

Thanks also to Destina Munro for additional graphic design on the logo


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