NZSTI Conference June 2020

2023 NZSTI Conference recordings package

The NZSTI Conference 2023 was a great success and delegates enjoyed connecting with colleagues and attending a wide range of presentations and workshops. NZSTI is pleased to provide recordings of the conference sessions so delegates and those who have purchased the package can watch or rewatch the many interesting sessions at our conference. 

Due to technical issues beyond our control, live recordings of some presentations are not available. Affected sessions have been re-recorded by the presenters when possible. Note that a few presentations, interactive workshops and panel discussions could not be re-recorded. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Note that these recordings will be available to watch until 30 November 2023.

Singable translations of songs - Dr Peter Low

Translating for people to read or speak is easy compared with translating for singers to sing. While one still cares about the meaning of the ST and the naturalness of the TL, one also faces problems of rhythm, rhyme and physical singability. Merely adapting a song is easier to do, because one can alter the details and intent of the song. And "replacement texts" involve no translating at all - they use a song's tune while ignoring the words.


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