NZSTI Conference June 2020

Agustina Marianacci

Exploring the application of the ally model in spoken-language interpreting from a service-user perspective

Community interpreting involves members of the dominant culture who can speak the dominant language, and immigrants or refugees who cannot. Because of this, power differences are always at play in interpreting, and a critical analysis of the role of the interpreter makes society’s marginalisation and oppression dynamics visible. 

Joachim Lépine

Three Challenges, Nine Solutions

We T&Is often feel alone and isolated, but it turns out that, regardless of the size of our organization,
we have much more in common than we often think. This talk will discuss three common challenges we are facing these days (fragmentation, technological change, and professional overwhelm) and show some of the many wonderful things we can learn from one another in the field.

Robert Gebhardt

Freelance Translators: You can Translate, but can You Freelance?

In-house translation was already on the decline, but now it seems like COVID-19 has sounded the death knell for translators within the offices of agencies. As freelancers, how can translators shift to this new way of finding clients, gaining their trust, keeping them happy, concluding satisfactory work, and making sure the clients themselves are trustworthy, not to mention handle issues like payments, managing all their projects online, etc.?


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