NZSTI Conference June 2020

NZSTI Conference 2022 will use two platforms throughout the event. Zoom Events will be used for the main part of the conference and is where you will go to attend sessions, view the conference schedule, and access recordings after the event. Wonder will be used for networking and will be available during the scheduled networking sessions as it provides a great way of interacting with other attendees. Please find more information about each platform below.

Zoom Events

NZSTI Conference 2022 will be on the Zoom Events platform, making it easy to access all sessions and mingle and interact with other attendees, all from a central hub. Zoom Events is an easy-to-use interface which contains all the information about the conference and easy access to the sessions. It creates more of a conference feel for our online event this year.

Delegates can attend the conference via the Zoom desktop or mobile client. See the prerequisites for accessing Zoom Events

Important Note: You will need to have a Zoom account to access the conference and that account must use the same email address as the one you used to register for the conference. Additionally, after registering and paying for your ticket on the NZSTI website, you will also need to complete registration for the conference on Zoom Events. Find out how in the Zoom Events guide for attendees. We strongly recommend you register and log in to the conference on Zoom Events before the conference begins

Zoom Events guide for attendees.


To get as close as we can to mixing and mingling at an in-person conference, we’ll be using the Wonder platform during the conference networking sessions. Wonder works similarly to Zoom and Teams, with video, audio, screen sharing and chat, but allows much more flexibility for joining and leaving conversations with whoever is in the Wonder ‘space’ at the time. 

Find out how to use Wonder in our guide.


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